New Build Inspections

Building a new home is exciting and moving day is definitely highly anticipated, but issues with incorrect or poor quality materials, faulty workmanship and structural problems do arise.

Ensure you are getting everything you paid for with a New Build Inspection by Gippsland Home Inspections. We will inspect the property at Framing and Lock Up stages, identifying any issues to be rectified prior to the next stage commencing and notifying both the owner and the site manager. If required, we will also do an additional inspection at each of these stages to ensure any problems identified have been fixed.

A final stage inspection, including a verbal report followed by a written report with photos, will be undertaken prior to handover, ensuring you have the opportunity to have any faults corrected before making your final payment and moving in.

Save the hassle and disruption of getting your builder back to carry out repairs by arranging for New Build Inspection prior to your move. Contact us or call 0428 484 077.

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